Enterprise Data Center

Allegiant Technology expertise, hardware and software brings business, operations, applications and infrastructure together.


The growing demands of enterprise applications and the fast pace of modern business threaten to put legacy IT design at risk of failure.  Traditional architecture with separate compute, network and storage silos, each with their own management platform inhibit performance and ability to troubleshoot and increase cost and complexity.

We provide hyperconverged infrastructure software and hardware solutions and services and storage solutions.


Allow our software solutions to predict business impacting outages with 80-100% probability and Provide real-time visualization and correlation across datacenters, to break down existing silos. Our solutions automatically identify all service flows and applications and map them to the supporting infrastructure.

Our software auto-discover CIs, their relationships and dependencies across all datacenters, without any agents! This allows us to easily automate the root cause analysis of critical business processes like O2C, SCM, eCommerce, P2P, etc.