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Providing trusted expertise, software and equipment for your data center and network

Technical expertise. Great relationships. Hard work.

What is Allegiant Technology?

Founded in 1999 Allegiant Technology provides trusted expertise and solutions for Enterprise, Data Centers, and service providers. From our home base in Phoenix, Arizona, we provide our enterprise customers data center compute, virtualization and storage software and expertise. We provide best in class networking service assurance products and services to the communications provider, utility, government, enterprise, contractor, wireless and wireline markets . NEED HELP? Call 480-905-3705 or e-mail at

Allegiant Technology Partners

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Technical ability. Great relationships. Hard work.

You need all three to succeed and Allegiant Technology has been bringing it for our principals since 1999. We are consistently over quota for our manufacturers and enjoy a superb reputation among our principles and customers.

Let our seasoned sales professionals bring your products and services to market. We serve the western United States and have over a hundred years of sales and technology experience among us.

Allegiant Technology takes the time and has the experience to understand your solutions, and we invest. We take the training, learn the products, put our inside sales team to work, and then we hit the road.

We are always exploring new and inventive marketing ideas including live seminars, hosted webinars, field trials, customer ride alongs and more. Our vast customer base throughout the west and decades of relationships with our customers guarantees the right audience for your solutions. We are constantly in front of our customers and they know that when we call, they should listen.

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